Case: Challenging task for leading ingredient company

26 April 2022

When one of Denmark's leading ingredient companies recently approached us with a need for a specially designed hose solution for their demanding production environment, design data was used to come up with a tailor-made solution, which of course was also coordinated with our in-house assembly workshop. As always, the company's production of emulsifiers and stabilizers for the food industry placed great quality demands on the process equipment in use, especially in relation to temperature. And this case was no exception.

Needs and issues

Our customer needed a new food-approved special hose for the passage of oil at very high temperatures, and the high temperature had to be maintained with steam. Apart from hard-to-reach hose connections at the process plant, there was not much spare room either - so both flexibility and resistance were important factors. To supply steam to maintain the high temperature of the oil, the special hose naturally had to be equipped with inlet and outlet points.

Based on the needs, we derived the technical specifications after which our in-house assembly workshop took over and produced the tailor-made solution.

Flexible double-jacket hose with short delivery time

Collage, dobbeltkappet slange

The solution for the ingredient company was a 1.5 meter long double-jacket hose consisting of an external stainless 2" bellows hose for the steam and a corrugated 1" FoodForce C Teflon hose with stainless steel braid inside for the oil medium. Of course, the hose connections also had to be designed to fit directly into the existing process plant, which in this case meant 90-degree bends with 1" BSP nipples at both ends - but rotated 180 degrees relative to each other.

Martin, our blacksmith, explains:
"Naturally, at the assembly workshop, we always start out with the technical specifications and drawings developed for each assembly task, and this case was no exception. Based on a length of 1.5 meter from the center lines between the connections in both ends, we found just the right bending radius for maximum flexibility".

Based on the customer's wish for a fast delivery time to maintain output in production, the tailor-made double-jacket hose was ready after just a few days. You also may want to read our article on insulated/double-jacket hoses with which you can keep your products warm or cold.

The backbone in Alfotech's expertise

Collage af montageværksted

For more than three decades, we have advised on and supplied food-approved technical components and special solutions to the process industry. Our stainless blacksmiths, who are certified welders, handle ongoing assembly tasks based on customer requirements. In other words, they utilize the "lego bricks" needed to develop a high-quality solution that fits into the customer's production environment and of course comes with the right certificates and documentation in accordance with current legislation.

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