Customer case: Standard mechanical seals caused leakage
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Customer case: Standard mechanical seals caused leakage

Customer stories

Solution optimization is always our approach when customers need our inputs for a specific issue they are dealing with. This was also the case when a multinational company contacted us a few years ago with a problem they had with mechanical seals in many pumps in their production process.

The challenge for our customer was that standard mechanical seals used in this specific production process only had a service life of 3-4 weeks before the pumps would start leaking. This led to production stoppages and service costs in connection with the replacement of the mechanical seals. The question was therefore if we could come up with a solution that would lead to cost reductions. The issue was analyzed and reviewed together with the customer.

Combined solution resulted in a 10x extension of service life

Based on decades of experience with similar situations, we developed a new combined solution for the customer, one in which the rotating part was made of coal and the stationary part in stainless steel. The latter was subsequently coated with hard metal, and since then results have been incredible: more than 10 times the extension of service life, and thus a significant reduction in both production stoppages and service costs.

The above is just one of many examples of how we create solutions that create value for our customers, often through our large stock program of mechanical seals.

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Leading mechanical seal stockholder

We stock thousands of mechanical seals, all of which meet OEM specifications. Of course, they come with batch numbers for traceability and up-to-date documentation. The vast stock program is composed in such a way that time for delivery of mechanical seals for most of the pumps used in the process industry is very short, no matter if it is to produce food or pharmaceutical products.

Whether it is mechanical seals for different types of pumps, scraper exchangers or something completely different, we most likely have them in our large stock program.

And in case your particular mechanical seal is not in our stock, we are often able to order it home through our close cooperation with the leading manufacturers.

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