How to make process inspection easier

How to make process inspection easier

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With a focus on both reliability and process optimization, many companies in both the food and pharmaceutical industries today prioritize regular inspection of process equipment. In particular, it is not only about avoiding downtime by ensuring a consistent flow of media in the process plant, but also that the quality of it is in order in relation to both color and substance.

But how can the necessary inspection be carried out without disrupting the production process? The answer is the sight glass, which has been around for decades. Read on for an in-depth look at sight glasses, the types available and the benefits of using them.

What is a sight glass?

Sight glass with FEP-pipe

A sight glass, which is also known as an inspection glass, is mainly used in pipework in places such as dairies and breweries. The sight glass is characterized by being made of transparent material, for example shatterproof and splinter-free FEP (perfluoroethylenepropylene polymer). The construction of the sight glass allows a visual inspection of the medium in the piping system in terms of both flow and quality.

Types of sight glasses and their advantages

Sight glass with FEP pipe
Sight glass with FEP pipe is suitable for the production of food and pharmaceuticals as it is tasteless, odourless and chemically inert - the design does not affect the medium passing through it. The type is also ideal for process plants where a glass-free installation is required to avoid shattered glass. The FEP pipe is also available with protective netting for extra high-pressure conditions.

In-Line sight glass with borosilicate glass
In-Line sight glass with borosilicate glass comes with great strength and stability and is ideal for production environments where glass-free installation is not required. In addition, it is less expensive than sight glass with FEP pipe. In-Line sight glasses are also available with either protective mesh or polycarbonate layers to withstand pressures up to 10 bar.

Clamp sight glass
The Clamp sight glass is an alternative solution that also uses borosilicate glass. For example, a cross with Clamp liners welded to the branches is a simple and economical way to create a sight glass with which the flow can be easily observed.

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In-Line sight glass

Make use of our expertise

At Alfotech, we offer several types of sight glasses and have extensive experience in advising our customers in this specific area, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Contact us today by phone +45 7020 0422 or email - our sales consultants are ready to help you choose the best sight glass solution for your production.

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