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Improve energy efficiency with Teflon tubing

01 February 2023

Take advantage of the energy-saving properties of Teflon tubes

Energy optimization is always a critical aspect of modern industrial processes and new times with increased energy prices make it no less important. The choice of the right tubing can play a decisive role in the manufacturing company achieving its objectives in this area. One of the best tubing options in this context is Teflon, since it is known for its excellent performance even in the harshest production environments. But what is it about Teflon that wins the race over plastic when it comes to energy optimization with industrial tubing?

PTFE as the cornerstone

The cornerstone of the Teflon tube is the synthetic polymer called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is particularly well known for its excellent chemical and heat resistance properties. PTFE also gives the Teflon tube high tensile strength, good lubricity, an anti-stick profile and great flexibility. For this reason, it is widely used by manufacturing companies in the process industries, in particular for food and chemical production.

Energy-saving features that bring advantages

Teflon tubes are advantageous for energy optimization for these primary reasons:

  • High thermal resistance
    Low heat loss when transferring hot liquids and air, even in high temperature processes up to 260°C degrees.

  • Low friction coefficient
    The amount of energy needed to pump or transport fluids through the system is reduced due to a smoother and more efficient flow. This can lead to significant savings in systems that rely on fluid transfer, such as power plants, chemical processing plants and manufacturing facilities.

  • Chemical resistance
    Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents, for example in external foam cleaning in dairies and butcheries. Lower energy loss over time.

Teflon rather than plastic

At Alfotech, our sales consultants often see plastic tubes being chosen over Teflon tubes as they are cheaper. Although money is saved, plastic tubes – unlike Teflon equivalents – are not suitable for temperature environments above 60°C. Moreover, when cleaned with chemicals, plastic tubes become porous much faster over time. The plastic loses its softness, becomes hard and eventually defective. Teflon tubes are more cost-effective over time. Despite the high purchase price, they result in greater energy savings and this is worth taking into account for your next purchase.

See our range of Teflon tubes

We can help you with energy optimization

In these times, energy savings and better operating economy are key points on the agenda for many manufacturing companies in the process industry. At Alfotech, we are specialists in Teflon tubes and that is why we can also help you find the right tubing solution to optimize the energy efficiency of your production. If a standard solution is not sufficient, we can of course also develop tailor-made solutions with Teflon tubes according to your needs. Contact our sales consultants today by e-mail alfotech@alfotech.dk or by phone +45 7020 0422.

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