InterLock system for maximum operational reliability

18 January 2022

Disconnecting hose couplings in connection with food production are one of the first things you want to avoid. Not only can there be an extremely costly downtime on the production line, but sometimes the accident also means a damaged hose connection to, for example, a tank, especially if the pressure conditions are high enough. Therefore, it is very important to select the right hose couplings in high quality, including stainless steel.

Specially developed InterLock system

Alfotech's specially developed InterLock system helps to ensure greater operational reliability of hose couplings in the process industry. As a stainless steel luminaire, both the hose connection and sleeve are designed with matching sockets, which is locked together around the hose under great pressure when the hose coupling is pressed at our in-house assembly workshop. This creates a very smooth transition between the hose and the luminaire.

What makes Alfotech's stainless steel hose couplings so popular is the high quality, the possibility of reassembly, and the certainty that our specially designed InterLock system holds the hose in place as desired, so that the risk of accidents is minimized. Of course, Alfotech sells associated circuits in DS, SMS, Clamp and DIN standard.

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Save up to 60% with reassembly

Alfotech's recycling solution for hose couplings benefits both your business and the environment. Our hose couplings can be reassembled, and in this way, you can save up to 60% in connection with replacement while we reduce the consumption of raw materials. Specifically, in connection with the reassembly, we cut off the hose sleeve, after which we reuse the hose connection for a new hose solution.

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