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Manuel 3-way plug valve - your reliable solution!

11 June 2021

We often find the uncomplicated solution to be the most reliable. True to tradition, the manual plug valves are simple in their design, making them easy to use as well as easy to clean. 






You can get the plug valves in sizes ranging from
1½” to 2”. In addition, they are available with either L- or T-drilling and of course with all the common connections. Here, for instance, we are talking about the welding transmitters DS, SMS, DIN, and Clamp, but we also easily develop another solution for you that can accommodate your fluid flow. 








Alfotechs’s plug valves are designed in a hygienic design. It is made of stainless steel
AISI316L and can handle working pressures of up to 4 bar. Depending on the type of gasket you choose, the plug valves can have a working temperature of up to +150 oC. The packs are delivered in EPDM, NBR or Teflon

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Draw on our knowledge center

Over the decades, Alfotech, through close collaboration with many customers, has built up a great deal of knowledge within the processes used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Therefore, if you have a task for which you would like sparring and advice, Alfotech is happy to provide input.

Our advice has often led to the development of completely new solutions, where the focus is always on creating optimizations of your processes. Such solutions are created through close cooperation between you, us, and our manufacturers. 

Once a solution has been created, we make sure that the item is available with a short delivery time, while of course it is supported by the necessary documentation

Alfotech recycles

In our solutions, we take into account that the materials can be recycled to the greatest possible extent. This approach we have used for many years in connection with our very large program of hose couplings. Recycling of materials proves, time after time, to be beneficial for both the environment and our customers’ finances! 

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