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New problem solver for the filtration system

15 February 2022

When one of our customers recently approached us with a challenge regarding their filtration system, a corrugated Teflon hose with suitable hose couplings became the solution. The use of process pipes had for a long time led to installation and maintenance problems at the filtration plant, as the process pipes gave way due to the temperature conditions. Ongoing adjustments of them to ensure with tightness without leaks had become significantly more difficult.

Why the choice fell on corrugated Teflon

The replacement of process pipes for corrugated Teflon hoses not only solved the customer's basic needs, but also brought other benefits. Here are 3 reasons to choose this food approved hose for the filtration plant:

  1. Transparent material ensures ability to monitor flow
  2. Spiral shape provides great flexibility and thus adaptability
  3. PTFE as a material supports large temperature range

PTFE in corrugated form makes it easier to monitor flow in the system and ensures better inspection of the filtration system during operation. The spiral shape of the hose makes the hose very flexible, which is why it also adapts easily to the filter connections on the system. This ensures tightness and reduces the chance of production stoppage. Finally, PTFE supports a large temperature range from -70°C to +260°C, which is well suited to the operating conditions of the vast majority of filtration plants.

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PUR 401 Food as an alternative

As an alternative to the corrugated Teflon hose, we find the PUR 401 Food hose, which can work under significantly higher pressure - up to 13 bar. PUR 401 Food supports temperatures down to -40°C and up to +90°C and has the property that it is completely clear, which makes it possible to inspect the product quality in the flow. However, the PUR 401 Food has its limitations when it comes to flexibility - here the corrugated Teflon hose is the better option. Like the corrugated Teflon hose, the PUR 401 Food is of course FDA approved and complies with EU Pharmacopeia quality standards.

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Contact us for advice

Are you also in search for a solution for your filter installation? Or do you need further advice on choosing the right food hose? Contact us today via alfotech@alfotech.dk or +45 7020 0422, so we can help you in the best possible way based on your needs.

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