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Inventory Management 101: How our warehouse team manages thousands of products

01 June 2023

How does our four-man team manage thousands of products? In our brand-new episode of Peter's Week, we lift the veil and go behind the scenes of day-to-day warehouse management at Alfotech.

Follow Peter, our Warehouse Manager, as he shows you the practical approach to managing the company's extensive inventory. Understand the role of the semi-automated warehouse lift and how a streamlined warehouse management system takes the weight off the team's shoulders and makes a gigantic task seem routine.

We'll explore how we not only avoid errors, but also ensure timely stock replenishment, easy retrieval of products and fast delivery times. We showcase our intuitive shelving system, which ensures that we can track stock levels at all times and therefore never run out of the most requested products.

Join us for this exciting episode and get a unique insight into our efficient inventory management in practice!

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