PUR 401 Food

PUR 401 Food

Product insights

We just received the new PUR 401 Food hose at Alfotech. The hose is a transparent, highly flexible, and food-approved hose that can be used for liquids, powders, and gases in both the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. However, it's also suitable in other industries as a compressed air hose and cooling/heating hose, as it's resistant to oil, petrol, and many chemicals.

PUR 401 hose in 3D

PUR 401 Food is a durable hose that's smooth both on the inside and on the outside. It's also flexible, even at very low temperatures. Therefore, it's especially suitable for filling equipment where there's a need to be able to see the product flow; for example in connection with filling jams, oils, ice cream, etc.

Depending on the dimensions, the hose has a relatively high working pressure of up to 12 bar and can be used for temperatures between -40°C and +90°C - briefly up to +125°C. At the same time, PUR 401 Food is resistant to microbes and hydrolysis.

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