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Recycle and save money on your hose solutions

26 November 2020

Do you want to keep up with the green development and at the same time save money on your hose solutions?

For several decades, Alfotech has developed, designed and produced hose couplings of the highest quality. In addition to meeting the many requirements for components for the process industry, our hose couplings can also be refitted, so that we reduce the consumption of raw materials. It provides both financial savings and reduces resource consumption.

Simple recycling solution that makes a big difference

At Alfotech, it has been natural for us to recycle some of the components we offer our customers. That is why we have also developed a recycling solution for our hose couplings. When the hoses need to be replaced, the couplings are cut off and sent to our assembly workshop. We then reuse the hose connection for a new hose solution, and in this way we minimize material waste.

Safety above all

When we recycle our hose nozzles, we always make sure to quality check and pressure test the finished solution, so that your product is always of the absolute best quality. In addition, all our hose couplings are designed with an InterLock system, which ensures that the hose couplings do not come loose on the hose. In this way, we also keep safety at the top.

Hose solutions with short delivery time

We stock a large program of hose couplings in standard sizes and standards. This program, combined with our large selection of process hoses, allows us to quickly deliver ready-made hose solutions.

You can use our hose configurator and assemble your hoses according to your needs.
If you have special requirements for the design or customization of your hose couplings, we can also handle this at our assembly workshop.

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