Alfotech El-trace Hose

Should your products be kept warm or cold?

27 September 2021

At Alfotech, we offer a range of quality solutions that are adapted to all individual wishes and needs.

The simple solution: an insulated hose

If you experience problems with condensation on the outside of your hoses, insulated hoses are the obvious solution. They are made with extra wall thickness in vulcanized rubber in a thickness that is matched to the unique task. An insulated hose is therefore the right solution if it is not necessary to supply energy to cool or heat the product.

Double-jacket hoses

With a double-jacket hose, heating or cooling takes place with liquid, such as hot water for heating or ice water for cooling. Heating as well as cooling is done by circulating liquid in the space between the two hoses and dimensioned according to the current energy needs.

The solution combinations are infinite and are specified in detail for the current operating situation, such as; type of product, temperatures, lengths, connections, etc. This way you achieve a simple and reliable solution.

El-trace hoses

If you want more precise control of the temperature of your products, hoses with a built-in electric heating element are also an option. Whether you want to keep glue warm for your glue system, keep the chocolate liquid on filling machines or something completely different, we always have the right solution.

Our electric trace hoses are suited for individual tasks according to specified requirements in relation to e.g. media, temperature, pressure, and dimensions. Furthermore, we also need to know if it must comply with FKM (EU1935/2004) or other rules.

If you need to be able to control the temperature, the hoses can be equipped with a temperature sensor and connected to a control unit, which ensures that the temperature is exactly as desired.

Let us assemble it for you

As always, we can deliver a solution according to your preferences, based on several elements. Of course, we also ensure that all necessary documentation is included. Since the majority of the items included are usually stock items, the delivery time will often be short. With many of our solutions, we also offer recycling of fittings. This not only ensures sustainable re-use, but also help reduce your costs.

Feel free to contact our sales consultants by phone or e-mail. Together, you could e.g. book a physical meeting at your company address.

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