Video quick guide: The hose configurator

Video quick guide: The hose configurator

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Have you ever sat down with pencil and paper and sketched your next hose for your process plant?

We sometimes find that the customer has hand-drawn the dimensional sketch in order to have the process hose with couplings installed at our assembly workshop. No problem with that. But in most cases, it's faster and easier to use our online hose configurator.

Although our online hose configurator is not a new invention (it was also available on our old website), it has been updated with the launch of our new website.

Have you tried it?

It’s that quick and easy

In our new video quick guide, we show you how you can quickly and easily configure and order your own process hose via our website. The guide covers all steps from choosing the type of hose to customizing the length and connections so you can get exactly the hose you need.

Remember: If you don't want a full hose assembly, but instead want to order all or just some of the loose parts separately, you can always create your own user for our webshop.

5 good reasons to use the hose configurator

Collage of hose configurator graphics
  • Option to choose aseptic couplings: Our online hose configurator allows you to choose aseptic couplings, which are essential for processes where hygiene and sterility are paramount. These couplings ensure that no contamination occurs during the production process.

  • Coupling rotations in 45-degree intervals: One of the new unique features of the hose configurator is the ability to configure coupling rotations in 45-degree intervals. This makes it easier to customize the hose exactly to your specifications, which ultimately improves the functionality and lifetime of the installation.

  • View hose coupling dimension sketches: To facilitate your configuration, you can view the dimension sketches for the hose couplings at both ends directly on our platform. This makes it easy to select the right components and ensure everything fits together to your specifications.

  • Make inquiry or send order: Once you have completed your configuration, regardless of customer status, you can now either choose to make an inquiry and receive a quote or simply send your order through immediately.

  • Available 24/7: Our online hose configurator is always available, which means you can configure and order your process hoses exactly when it suits you. You don't have to wait for opening hours or rely on telephone support.

If you're having trouble, help is at hand

Perhaps our online hose configurator isn't working for you after all? Or maybe you have a different type of hose that you want to inquire about

Our range is wide, and we strive to meet all your needs. Whatever the case, our experienced and skilled sales consultants are ready to help you. They are dedicated to providing the best service and ensuring you get exactly what you need. Simply send them an email at or give them a call on +45 7020 0422.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your projects!

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