We compare this summer's two hottest Dynamic models
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We compare this summer's two hottest Dynamic models

Product insights

In recent months, we have got several new industrial hoses in stock, and as always, this is clearly the most popular product category among our customers. Especially within the pharmaceutical hoses, new models have been added and two of them stand out, namely Dynamic CLC and Dynamic Cleanroom. It is fair to say that they set completely new standards in relation to some of the most important characteristics in this subcategory.

But which of these two Dynamic models should you choose? The answer to the question obviously depends on the needs relating to your production. In the following, we give you an overview of the most important features for each model and come up with a comparison - we thus give you the best starting point for making the final choice.

Dynamic CLC vs. Dynamic Cleanroom

We call it the "king of corrugated" for a good reason - Dynamic CLC is extremely flexible and can be a game changer in production environments with very little space. In addition to this feature, it covers a wide temperature range from -40°C to +150°C depending on the medium. With the inner PFA liner, it also supports frictionless transport of, for example, yoghurt, sauces, cooking oils and the like. You may also want to see our video in which we describe the 3 key advantages of Dynamic CLC.

The food-approved Dynamic Cleanroom universal hose has been specially developed to take advantage of the technical advantages of PFA combined with both elasticity and heat resistance of silicone, with which it is coated on the outside. Like several of the other models in the Dynamic series, it comes with a built-in steel spiral, which makes it very flexible. The temperature range is -30°C to +150°C depending on the medium.

Key comparison factors:

Comparison chart, Dynamic CLC vs. Dynamic Cleanroom

The crucial difference between Dynamic CLC and Dynamic Cleanroom lies in the design. Dynamic Cleanroom is more suitable for high-hygiene transport of medicines and food, since it is not only food-approved on the inside, but also the outside due to its silicone cover. In other words, it can also be in direct contact with food externally.

Dynamic CLC has better mechanical properties, which makes it ideal for use on moving equipment. Both Dynamic hoses are in a class of their own and the choice of one or the other depends on your needs and installation.

Read more about Dynamic Cleanroom

Dynamic Cleanroom hose

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