Why the hose reel is ideal for commercial kitchens
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Why the hose reel is ideal for commercial kitchens

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Imagine a busy commercial kitchen with dishwashing, cooking, and cleaning at full speed. Order and cleanliness are key to making ends meet every day while avoiding accidents and downtime.

This is where the hose reel is an indispensable helper.

As an easy and safe storage device for cleaning hoses, it contributes to a safer, cleaner, and more efficient kitchen environment - and ultimately happier customers.

Read on to find out why the hose reel is a great fit for commercial kitchens!

The role of the hose reel in the commercial kitchen

In commercial kitchens, the hose reel is typically used for easy and safe storage of the cleaning hose, which is used to remove food residue, waste, and other debris from the floor and other important surfaces.

The hose reel is often wall-mounted but can also be attached to a mobile trolley. Its stainless-steel construction also makes it easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel is known for its durability and ability to resist corrosion, which is crucial in the humid and often acidic environment of a commercial kitchen.

Collage of hose reels

The 3 key benefits

The main benefits of using a hose reel in commercial kitchens are:

  • Improved safety: By storing and handling cleaning hoses easily and safely, you can avoid potentially dangerous tripping accidents, which in the worst-case scenario can cause injury. In addition, it can also prevent possible leaks and water spills that can cause moisture damage and damage kitchen equipment. This way, kitchen operations can also be better secured.
  • Better cleanliness: Storing cleaning hoses properly prevents them from coming into contact with the floor or other surfaces where they can easily collect bacteria and dirt. Plus, they don't get dirty when not in use. This minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and ensures a high level of kitchen hygiene.
  • Greater cleaning efficiency: The hose reel contributes to easy, fast, and safe cleaning with correct extraction and rewinding every time. This makes it easier for the cleaning team to move around, access all areas of the commercial kitchen, and complete the cleaning in less time.
Hand cleaning a gas stove

Get a good start: Find the right model

There are many different hose reels on the market, and finding the model that best suits your needs can be a challenge. However, there are some basic factors to consider when choosing a hose reel. We wrote a guide on this back in July.

Our popular hose reel model AFT 3500-3503 AV will be a great choice in many cases and can cover most needs. It is built for hose reels up to 35 meters in length and is made of surface-treated stainless steel. The sectional spring also ensures even pulling and coiling, which contributes to even better cleaning efficiency.

Read more about AFT 3500-3503 AV

Hose reel in use

Book an online consultation meeting

Take the opportunity to get valuable advice and book an online meeting with one of our sales consultants. They have seen most of the cleaning systems in commercial kitchens and can help you find the right storage solution for your cleaning hoses.a

Write to us at alfotech@alfotech.dk or call us at +45 7020 0422 so we can mark our calendars📅

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