Hårdmetal belægning

Hard metal coating

Extend the service life of important components.

There are many advantages to hard metal coating the parts of production that are most prone to wear and tear. The hard metal coating improves the mechanical properties of the part, protects the coating from corrosion and electrically insulates, which extends the parts life-time up to 8 times, resulting in fewer maintenance costs and production stoppages.

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What can be hard metal coated? 

You can coat almost everything - from new to used wear parts such as shafts, shaft sleeves, seats, and rotating parts as well as pistons and fitting parts. Depending on the function of the components: Chromium oxide, chromium carbide, aluminium oxide, Tungsten, Nigraphite, and others are used as coatings. If the wear part is in direct contact with food, FDA-approved materials are used.

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Experience with thermal coating of mechanical wear parts within the food industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry has confirmed that mechanical properties are improved, and the service life is significantly extended on expensive mechanical wear parts, which entails:

  • Less maintenance costs
  • Reduction of costs in connection with production stoppages

Coatings, applied with flame, plasma or high-speed flame, were previously only used in connection with repairs of mechanical parts. Now more and more designers are seeing the possibility of using thermal coating as a construction element and it is now widely used as protection against wear, corrosion, and electrical insulation.

Why coat?

  • Protection against wear, tear and corrosion.
  • Insulate against electric energy
  • Reduction of surface roughness
  • Improved surface appearance

What can be coated - new and used parts:

  • Shafts and shaft sleeves
  • Seats and rotating parts for mechanical seals
  • Pistons and handlebars
  • Fitting parts
  • Other mechanical wear parts

What is used for coating: 

  • Chromium Oxide
  • Chromium Carbide

Other coating types are possible such as: Aluminium Oxide; Tungsten Carbide; Bronze; Ni-graphite; Zr2O3; aluminium with different parts TiO2.

Coatings such as Chromium Carbide or Chromium Oxide give a surface hardness that is up to 10 times harder than untreated stainless steel (SS = 150-200 HV, Chromium Carbide = approx. 1300 HV, Chromium Oxide = approx. 1500-2000 HV).

For comparison, it can be mentioned that conventional hard chromium plating has a surface hardness of approx. 900-1100 HV. All coating are done by Alfotech's partner who has many years of experience and is ISO 9001 certified.

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