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18 August 2021

Are you in the need of hoses, spray guns, couplings, complete inserts, or nozzles for your low-pressure cleaning system? Alfotech has a wide range of quality components in stock which can be delivered to you significantly fast!

We put together individual solutions that best suit your particular system. We do this by combining all the individual elements. From the pre-assembled hose reel to the special inserts with the nozzle solutions that are optimal in your cleaning procedure.

Clean Wash hose for low-pressure systems

Our durable CleanWash hose is specially designed for cleaning tasks with low-pressure systems. In addition, it can be configured in both length and couplings, so that it is adapted to your specific system.

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Extend the life of the hose

To achieve the best possible life and strength for the hose, they are fitted with couplings in stainless steel, which also means optimal hygiene. The transition between the flexible hose and the stainless steel couplings is often subjected to extra load. To relieve the transition and extend the service life, the hoses can be fitted with a protective element in rubber. It protects the operator from the heat that will be generated by the use of hot water.

Supplement with our low-pressure guns

low-pressure guns Alfotech

The hose solutions can of course be supplemented with one of our low-pressure guns. We have a wide range that includes both the simple ball valve solution and the more advanced low-pressure gun with non-return protection. The ball valve solution is fitted with a protective bracket, while the low-pressure gun with non-return protection can ensure that it closes softly. This way you avoid fluid in the hoses, while at the same time protecting your operator. 

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Make the cleaning process easier with a swivel

Cleaning Swivel - Alfotech

If you are managing tasks where the spray gun has to be used at many angles, it is a good idea to mount a swivel between the gun and the hose. The operator must thus use far less force, and it is much easier to orient the spray gun towards the equipment to be cleaned.

Alfotech has designed a quick-connect solution based on the DN standard for low-pressure cleaning systems. Here, the coupling housing is protected with a vulcanized, soft, and blue rubber collar that does not splinter or fall off if the coupling is dropped. At the same time, it also protects the equipment that is being cleaned.

The coupling nipples (also referred to as inserts) can be combined based on a wide range of nozzles and nozzle protectors, which are available in different colors. In this way, they can be adapted to the cleaning tasks and this makes it easier for the operator to identify and change the nozzle. 

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Let us help you with the perfect solution

Do you have a task that you would like sparring for? Our sales team is always available. In collaboration with the customer, our experienced and innovative team always finds the most optimal and resource-saving solution for you.

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