Flowmania: Fluid control and regulation in production
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Flowmania: Fluid control and regulation in production

Product insights

Have you ever considered how important careful fluid control and regulation is to your production process?

With the right fluid control and regulation equipment, you can avoid inefficiencies, quality issues and unnecessary waste in your operations. This can obviously save your business a lot of money.

At Alfotech, we believe that every drop counts. That's why our product range of butterfly valves, check valves and sampling taps is carefully selected according to what our customers often ask for.

Read on and get insight into the best flow equipment on the shelves!

Effective flow control with the butterfly valve

AWH butterflyventil ISO

Designed to offer effortless flow control with its streamlined construction, the butterfly valve ensures regulation of the flow in the piping system, meaning you can open or close - both fully or partially - the flow of liquid.

Our stainless steel AWH butterfly valve offers optimal performance even under the most demanding conditions. Its robustness and corrosion resistance make it ideal for a wide range of applications, both in food and pharmaceutical production. By the way, did you know it was one of our customers' favorites in 2023?

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Safety barrier with the non-return valve

AWH kontraventil

Safety first - always.

Our AWH stainless steel non-return valve is designed to protect your systems from unwanted backflow. It is an indispensable safety barrier that ensures your processes remain clean and contamination-free. With its precise function and construction in high-quality materials, the AWH non-return valve guarantees safety and efficiency in any system where it is installed.

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Precision and hygiene with the sampling valve

When sampling in the process industry, precision and hygiene are key. Our sampling valve with or without rinsing connection is specially designed to meet these requirements. Made from AISI 316L stainless steel and with a surface roughness of ≤ 0.8 µ, this product ensures that every sampling is accurate and contamination-free.

The sampling valve is especially suitable for critical applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries where extra high-quality requirements are demanded.

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Sampling valves with and without rinsing connection

We are your flow experts

For almost four decades, we have specialized in equipment for controlling and regulating fluids, making us recognized experts in flow technology. Our extensive experience ensures we understand your unique needs and can offer tailored solutions.

For personalized advice and solutions that match your specifications, please contact us by phone +45 7020 0422 or by email inquiry@alfotech.eu.

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