ISAR WATER: Alfotech's new all-round hose

ISAR WATER: Alfotech's new all-round hose

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ISAR WATER is one of the new hoses in Alfotech’s assortment. The hose has a wide range of features that are compatible in many productions. ISAR WATER is especially optimal to use in productions that include many types of liquids. With that means both cold, warm and fatty liquids. ISAR WATER is therefore suitable for everything from beverages to detergents that require liquids of different temperatures. 

Different colors available

ISAR WATER process hose

Alfotech offers the ISAR WATER hose in two different colors: red and blue. Many industries prefer to use the blue hoses for cold liquids and the red ones for hot liquids. In that way they can make the operators aware if the temperatures are either very low or very high. 

One of the most flexible hoses

ISAR WATER has a wide range of working temperatures - all the way from -20°C up to 100°C, which means the hose still can be cleaned with the CIP-method. 

Cross-section of the ISAR WATER hose

ISAR WATER is very flexible despite the high working pressure the hose is capable of (up to 20 bars). The hose’s outer surface is made of a mixture of NBR (nitrile rubber) and PVC (polyvinylchlorid) which makes it extra smooth and dirt-repellent. On the inner surface the hose is white and smooth and made of NBR (nitrile rubber). It enables it to handle fatty liquids.  

ISAR WATER of course complies with the current EU rules (1935/2004 + 2006/2023) as well as the FDA for direct contact with liquids. At Alfotech you can get the useful hose at a favorable price.

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Hoses can help you optimize your work process

At Alfotech we are constantly developing our product range, and in that respect we have chosen ISAR WATER to be one of the new products. We always make sure that our product range only contains products of the best quality at affordable prices. We stock one of the largest hose ranges for all processes in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry. 

If you face the same hose issues day after day in your daily production you are always welcome to contact Alfotech. With our expertise in the process industry we can advise you on how you can optimize your daily production with one or several of our hoses. We know which hoses that fit exactly your production.

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