Crushproof for food companies with heavy traffic
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Crushproof for food companies with heavy traffic

Product insights

In many food companies, there is a lot of activity every day delivering raw materials to maintain production and at the same time picking up several batches of finished products to be sent to retail. In dairies, for example, weighing is carried out for the separation of milk and in oil mills similar processes are carried out with cooking oils. During all the activity, tankers and forklifts are driving around to get products from A to B.

With process hoses often an integral part of these production environments as described above, collisions can unfortunately occur. At Alfotech, we regularly have enquiries with this very issue and the consequences on site can be loss of raw materials or finished products – or in the worst-case scenario, outright production stoppages.

What is a Crushproof hose?

A Crushproof hose is - as the word suggests - crushproof and thus significantly more resistant to impact. The reason for this is the built-in plastic spiral, which ensures that this type of hose will automatically try to straighten out again. Although it will not be able to retain its original round shape and will instead become oval-shaped afterwards, the flow will remain intact.

The Crushproof hose is also slightly heavier due to the more material used in the construction of the hose wall, i.e. the various wall layers are thicker. These characteristics also make this hose type slightly stiffer and therefore less flexible than other standard models.

3D image of Oily Food/SPL Crushproof hose

Operational reliability as a top priority

In scenarios where collisions are more frequent, a crushproof hose should definitely be considered. Although this type of hose differs from the standard models in an unpleasant way in terms of both weight and flexibility, it is the right solution for those food companies where operational reliability is an absolute top priority. Here, our Crushproof models Milkland Crushproof and Oily Food/SPL Crushproof could be appropriate to use for dairies and oil mills, respectively.

We advise and deliver

Perhaps you are experiencing a similar issue on your site but are unsure whether one of our Crushproof models would be a good choice according to your production conditions? Don't worry - we are of course ready to advise you, and together we can find the right hose solution with a focus on your operational reliability. Right now, we also have several Crushproof models in stock for fast delivery. Contact us today via or +45 7020 0422.

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