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New king of industrial milk hoses👑

30 March 2023

Are you looking for the latest and greatest in industrial milk hoses?

Together with one of Denmark's largest dairies, Alfotech has developed and thoroughly tested a new food-approved industrial milk hose that is both extremely flexible and highly resistant - all due to its solid construction.

Milkland Flex is suitable for several types of food production, for example for weighing milk, and comes with many of the good qualities that characterize the Milkland series. Our Director of Sales & Marketing, Alexander Hold, goes into more detail in the video below.

We have several dimensions of Milkland Flex in stock.
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If you are missing new milk hoses in your food production, Alfotech has one of the industry's largest and most competitive and quality-assured selection. Subsequently, you can take advantage of our unique hose configurator, which makes it easy to assemble your favorite hose online, with a choice of the correct couplings in the right dimension.

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