Product launch: Foam Cleaner cleaning hose

Product launch: Foam Cleaner cleaning hose

Product launches

Are you looking for a more durable cleaning hose for your production environment?

We’re now introducing Foam Cleaner, which is especially suitable for low-pressure systems in the food industry. Built in multiple layers and with high tolerance to temperature and pressure, it’s at the forefront of this hose category.

We give you the full insight into Foam Cleaner's unique construction and properties, so you can make an informed decision about its potential in your cleaning process.

Read along and get inspired!

Construction and application

3D image of the Foam Cleaner cleaning hose

Foam Cleaner is constructed in 6 layers, including outer and inner layers of extra flexible PVC and double-layer polyester reinforcement in between. The cleaning hose, which is food approved, is free of phthalates.

Foam Cleaner is suitable for low-pressure systems where effective cleaning of surfaces and equipment is required in the food industry, such as dairies, breweries and slaughterhouses. It can be used for everything from rinsing production equipment, degreasing machine parts and cleaning floors to disinfecting packaging and containers.

Key features and benefits

Collage of the Foam Cleaner cleaning hose

Foam Cleaner is a good candidate to be your new cleaning hose for several reasons:

  • Robust construction ensures high performance and long service life: Foam Cleaner's heavy-duty construction reduces the need for frequent replacements and minimizes downtime. As a result, you achieve lower maintenance costs and fewer production interruptions.
  • Resistant to oily liquids and detergents: The hose is designed to resist corrosion from both oily liquids and detergents, ensuring a high standard of hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Supports 40 bar working pressure at up to +70°C: With high tolerance for pressure and temperature, Foam Cleaner enables efficient cleaning in demanding conditions. This helps to increase production efficiency.
  • Highly flexible and easy to handle: Foam Cleaner's flexibility and low weight improve work ergonomics and reduce physical strain, leading to fewer work injuries and higher productivity. Read more about Foam Cleaner

Read more about Foam Cleaner

Increase efficiency with the hose reel

Collage of hose reels AFT 1000-1100 AV and AFT 1200-1300 AV

Kombinerer du Foam Cleaner med montering på en rustfri slangeopruller får du en rigtig god hygiejnisk opbevaringsløsning, der forlænger rengøringsslangens levetid yderligere og forbedrer arbejdseffektiviteten ved at gøre den endnu lettere at bruge og håndtere i det daglige.

Vores mest populære modeller til installation ved lavtryksanlæg er AFT 1000-1100 AV og AFT 1200-1300 AV, begge i overfladebehandlet rustfrit stål af kvaliteten AISI 304. De dækker op til +90°C i arbejdstemperatur og kan leveres med vægbeslag. Ønsker I at højne sikkerheden omkring brugen af slangeoprulleren, er et kompatibelt sikkerhedsoprulningskit, der medfører en mere kontrolleret automatisk oprulning, det helt rette valg.

Læs guiden: Valg af slangeopruller

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