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Product launch: New vent & exhaust valve

14 September 2023

Do you use storage tanks in your production area and are they still ventilated using overflow pipes?

We often see the overflow pipe used to ventilate the storage tank. But unfortunately, there are several disadvantages. For example, the beer can become "lazy" (beer aging) and the number of bacteria in the medium can be higher. But now there is a solution!

Alfotech is now launching a new vent and exhaust valve that in a very simple and effective way provides automatic ventilation of the storage tanks in, for example, the dairy, brewery, or bottling plant - and which closes tightly after the ventilation has taken place.

Read on to learn more!

What is a vent & exhaust valve?

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A storage tank vent and exhaust valve - also known as a tank vent valve - is often used in the process industry, especially in dairy production and the brewing or bottling of alcoholic beverages.

The vent and exhaust valve prevents excess air or gases in the storage tank to maintain a pressure balance. Unlike an overflow pipe, which always implies free passage between the contents of the storage tank and the surrounding environment, a vent and exhaust valve provides a shut-off after ventilation has taken place.

How the new vent & exhaust valve from Alfotech works

Udluftningsventil med tegning

Our newly launched vent and exhaust valve works in the same way as a non-return valve, i.e. the flow of - in this case - air only occurs in one direction, namely when ventilation takes place.

When the pressure in the tank rises, a ball in the ventilation funnel within the cylinder of the vent and exhaust valve automatically lifts up and provides a free passage for air to flow out. As pressure balance is achieved, the ball drops back into place and seals tightly.

Design, features & benefits

Our new vent and exhaust valve is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, AISI 316, making it highly durable and resistant to corrosion. The lower part of it comes with a welding end e.g. nipple or liner for easy connection to the storage tank. The exhaust pipe at the top can be directionally adjusted as needed.
Features and benefits:

  • Simple and efficient automatic ventilation of storage tanks based on a simple physical principle
  • Prevention of excess air and gases in the storage tank, reducing the risk of explosion
  • Better hygiene during storage with a lower risk of bacterial proliferation
  • Better maintenance of media freshness - (slowing down the beer aging process, etc.)

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Order easily and conveniently online

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Of course, you can always call or write to us if you want to place an order for our new vent and exhaust valve, and right now we have several in stock. But it's just as easy and convenient to do it online via our webshop. Do you already have a webshop user? If not, fill out our short online form and we'll get back to you.

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