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29 September 2021

From sketch to "the missing link"

Are you missing just the right piece to optimize your process? We at Alfotech can certainly help. Send us a sketch or description and we'll decode it into your unique solution. This is already a popular service with our many customers.

The tasks are manifold; from the very simple transitions from one fitting standard to another combined with differences in dimension and flow, to more complicated tasks such as custom designed nozzles for cake production, injector for beer production or deaerator for tanks - the list is long.

As Alfotech stocks an extensive range of several thousand stainless steel fittings in many standards and sizes, complemented by a wide range of specially designed fittings, it is a simple matter for us to put together a solution for your particular job and often with short lead times.

Once a solution is defined, it is simple for us to pick the individual building blocks and put them together in our in-house assembly workshop, where our highly skilled staff combine the individual units into the overall solution. All welding work is of course carried out by certified welders, and if 3rd party inspection is required, this is of course also part of our service. Of course we also keep track of the batch numbers of the components so that there is also traceability on the solutions where this is required, as well as the possibility of material certificates.

If you have a task where you would like our suggestions, please send us an e-mail or call us on +45 7020 0422 - and we will be happy to give you an idea of how we can solve your problem.

Fittings of the highest quality

At Alfotech, quality is our top priority and therefore we primarily supply fittings in acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316. Whether you use DS, SMS, DIN or ISO standards in your production, we stock most dimensions and can quickly deliver bends, tees, reducers, threaded fittings and much more, with same day dispatch.

Because quality is important, we also know surface roughness and supply fittings for most media at Ra<0.8µm, but should you have higher requirements, we supply fittings for the pharmaceutical industry with a surface roughness of Ra<0.4µm.

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We tie your processes together

Whether it's a complex solution that ties your processes together or simple components, we at Alfotech will always try to optimise our proposal to meet your exact needs. We have a large inventory and have short lead times on both unique composite solutions and components. If you would like to know more, contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with the best solution.

If you would like to visit, one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be happy to come by.

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