The adapter that makes Camlock connection a breeze

08 December 2022

Different hose coupling and connection standards in the process industry constitute a technical science in itself and it’s easy to get lost in the concepts. Often it can be difficult to know not only what goes with what, but also what dimensions may be required in the particular operating environment. At Alfotech, we naturally help our customers find the answers and, especially in food companies, doubts can sometimes arise. For example, we find that there’s a need to be able to connect a Camlock hose coupling to a DS, SMS or SAV connection - and because of that, we’ve developed our own adapter for such a scenario.

Adapter use and benefits

Adapter for Camlock with stainless DS union nut.

On-site, it’s usually with fixed installations or IBC pallet tanks that the need for an adapter with associated stainless union nut arises. For example, IBC pallet tanks always come with SAV connections, and they are used across the process industry, for example in breweries for storing ingredients that are to be used directly in beverage production. In order to connect a hose with a Camlock coupling to the IBC pallet tank, an adapter for Camlock and a compatible stainless SAV union nut are required. While the adapter provides the connection itself, the SAV union nut ensures that the Camlock hose coupling is retained with the SAV connection of the IBC pallet tank when the system is in operation. Adapters are also popularly referred to as a "meat bones". In other cases, the adapter and union nut are used at summer festivals, where a pump system directs draught beer from large tanks to mobile or stationary tapping systems.

The 3 main advantages of the adapter:

  • Comes in food grade quality (AISI 316L steel grade and surface roughness <0.8µ)
  • Enables coupling of Camlock for all IBC or stainless-steel tanks
  • Supports DS, SMS and SAV connection standards

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Beverage series often in play

When breweries turn to us for advice and guidance in selecting the right hose coupling, for which both an adapter and compatible union nut are also needed, it's often a Beverage hose that's in play. The hoses from the Beverage series are characterized by being designed for tasteless and odorless transport of media, including beer, wine, and fruit juice. In addition, they are ozone and weather resistant and suitable for transporting beverages with alcohol up to 50%. If you want extra flexibility, we always recommend the Beverage CLC/10, which is corrugated and built around a steel spiral.

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New batch of adapters now in stock

The adapter is very popular with our customers in the food industry. That's why we now have a new batch of adapters in stock, and they fit several different dimensions. Call our sales team on +45 7020 0422 for more information or send them an email via You're also welcome to book an online meeting with one of our consultants, so we can discuss your particular production environment and what would suit you best.

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