The best-selling food hoses for the start of 2022
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The best-selling food hoses for the start of 2022

Product insights

Oily and fatty food hoses are widely used in e.g. salad factories, dairies and ice cream productions both at home and abroad. For example, they are used to produce food and salad oils, butter, ready meals, ice cream and more, and they are of course food approved. The hoses are primarily made of nitrile rubber (NBR), and this rubber material is the secret behind their resistance to especially oils, greases, chemicals, and certain solvents.

We take a closer look at our best-selling oily and fatty food hoses.

Oily Food-series

The Oily Food hoses have been popular with our customers in the food industry for many years, and here two of them stand out: Oily Food/SPL and HOT Oily Food/10-FLEXPERFORMANCE. Common for both is their properties in relation to pressure and temperature. However, HOT Oily Food/10-FLEXPERFORMANCE differs significantly in construction, since it is not only reinforced with an extra steel spiral but is also made of nitrile rubber both on the inside and on the outside. Its corrugated shape makes it extra flexible and ideal for use on filling machines or other mechanical equipment, which require mechanical strength without loss of flexibility.

Oily Food hose

Oily Food/SPL is our absolute bestseller for oily and fatty foods. Oily Food/SPL is constructed around a steel spiral, which makes the hose mechanically strong, and with a combination of NBR rubber on the inside and neoprene on the outside, the hose is optimal for taste- and odor-free transport of greasy media. In addition, Oily Food/SPL has a really good price point for a quality hose, which makes it incredibly popular for maintenance departments across industries.

See our selection within the Oily Food series

Which oily food hose should you choose? We are here to help, and with more than 35+ years of experience in the process industry, we are happy to advise on the choice of the right hose for your production. Send us an e-mail or give us a call on +45 7020 0422 today.

Dynamic as the exclusive choice

What makes Dynamic the more exclusive choice among manufacturers when it comes to buying new oily and fatty food hoses?

The Dynamic hose, unlike the Oily Food alternatives, is made with a PFA liner, which gives the hose a smooth and grease-repellent inner surface. The PFA liner gives the Dynamic hose an increased temperature range from -40 ° C to + 150 ° C, which makes the hose more versatile for varied productions. This is especially interesting for manufacturers of process equipment who want to ensure a standardized versatile application for their machines. The Dynamic hose is designed for the Pharma industry but is also widely used for yoghurt and quark production.

Read more about the Dynamic hose

Dynamic hose

Make your own tailor-made solution with the hose configurator

With our unique hose configurator on the website, you can quickly and easily assemble your very own tailor-made solution by choosing a hose and accessories. The process is easy and finally you can either send us an inquiry or order to our sales team.

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