The spring guide to aseptic fittings

The spring guide to aseptic fittings

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There is a sea of different fittings suitable for various types of process plants. They are used, among other things, for connecting pipes and hose solutions, which can be combined criss-crossed and used in the production of media in liquid, powder, or gaseous form. Whatever is produced, there is one common feature of aseptic fittings; they are typically made of stainless steel AISI 316L. However, in terms of types and applications, there are several differences, for example in relation to connection standards.

In our short guide here, we shed more light on a very special category, namely aseptic fittings.

What are aseptic fittings?

Aseptic weld on

The word ‘aseptic’ means completely free of bacteria and other microorganisms. Aseptic fittings can therefore be considered to be the best of the best in terms of hygiene requirements within the process industry.

Precisely for this reason, they are widely used by several food producers and pharmaceutical companies, as they have an optimal design in relation to cleaning and sterilization and are designed with a very limited dead space in mind.

Connection standards and applications

Within the process industry, we mainly work with 3 different forms of aseptic fittings:

  • Aseptic unions connection – form 1 (DIN 11864-1)
  • Aseptic flange connection – form 2 (DIN 11864-2)
  • Aseptic Clamp connection– form 3 (DIN 11864-3)

The aseptic DIN standard is available for 3 different kinds of pipe connections, namely series A/B/C:

  • Series A has a pipe connection to DIN food pipes
  • Series B has a pipe connection to ISO pipes
  • Series C has a pipe connection to DS/SMS food pipes

The aseptic DIN standards saw the light of day in Germany as to meet the high hygiene requirements of the country's food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies. As with both weld on, flange and Clamp, aseptic DIN fittings are used for process plants, which require not only a very high level of purity of the liquid media in flow, but also the general hygiene.

Our aseptic fittings come in stainless steel AISI 316L as well as with various surface roughnesses, typically between Ra <0.8 µm and Ra <0.4 µm depending on requirements and specifications. All 3 connection standards also apply in e.g. biotechnology and cosmetics production.

See our selection of aseptic fittings

Production plant specialist

Highest quality and customized solutions

At Alfotech we stock a large selection of aseptic fittings of the highest quality – a very high priority to us as a leading supplier to some of Denmark's most prominent food and pharmaceutical companies. Thus, we provide you with access to some of the market's best aseptic fittings, including nuts, weld ons and liners. In addition, we also have a large assortment of food-approved hoses and relevant accessories. Of course, we deliver our hose solutions with batch numbers and full traceability.

Should you have very special requirements, we can of course also help you with that, for example through our own in-house assembly workshop. Contact us today on +45 7020 0422 or via and hear more about our selection of aseptic fittings for various purposes, or how we may help you with a customized solution - we are ready to assist you.

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