Dynamic CLC Fusion


Universal hose suitable for transporting food and pharmaceutical products. Designed specifically to withstand high temperatures and dynamic loads. Especially suitable for filling equipment with many movements.


Dynamic CLC Fusion is made of black antistatic PFA on the inside and EPDM rubber with a helicoid black antistatic stripe on the outside. The hose is built around a steel spiral for extra great flexibility.

  • Reinforced with steel spiral and several layers of polyester
  • 2 built-in copper wires for dissipation of static electricity
  • Cover in EPDM with helicoid black antistatic stripe R ≤106Ω
  • Liner in black antistatic PFA R ≤106Ω
  • Parts in contact with the media are black with a smooth surface
  • Mid-layer of black antistatic rubber
  • Ozone, weather, and abrasion-resistant


The temperature ranges from -40°C to +130°C depending on the media.
Can be sterilized at +130°C for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Safety factor:

Safety factor: ≥ 3 times working pressure.


All pressures are stated at the temperature of +20°C.


EC 1935/2004, 2023/2006/EC (GMP), DM 21/03/73, US Pharmacopeia (USP Class VI), 3A Sanitary Standard 20-27, FDA Standards, EU regulative 10/2011, ISO 10993-4, -10 and -11. Non-cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-Part 5.

The material is free of animal derivatives, phthalates, and adipates. Materials are subject to restrictions according to EC 1907/2006 (REACH). Batch number for full traceability. 


Dm21037 Blue Rgb Eu102011 Blue Rgb Uspclassvi Pharma Blue Rgb Iso10993 Blue Rgb 3A Sanitary Blue Rgb Fda Food Quality Blue Rgb
Item number Inner dia.
Outer dia.
Static bending radius
Dynamic bending radius
Working pressure
Burst pressure
Metres per
Color Net weight
Base unit Quantity
0429140250 25,0 37,0 75,0 125,0 10,0 30,0 0,90 30,0 Blue 0,65 MTR.
0429140320 32,0 45,0 105,0 200,0 10,0 30,0 0,90 30,0 Blue 1,18 MTR.
0429140380 38,0 52,0 125,0 225,0 10,0 30,0 0,90 30,0 Blue 1,29 MTR.
0429140510 51,0 66,0 160,0 270,0 10,0 30,0 0,90 30,0 Blue 1,82 MTR.
0429140640 63,5 79,5 225,0 360,0 10,0 30,0 0,90 30,0 Blue 2,54 MTR.
Subject to incorrect product data, variations in images/videos, and price and exchange rate changes.
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