Color-coded hoses

Color coded hoses from Alfotech benefits optimization and separation

03 February 2021

For many years, hoses for the food industry typically had a blue exterior and a white interior look. For a long time, Alfotech, however, has focused on optimizing both the colors and materials involved in our hose selection. In this manner, we create the highest possible safety level and the best possible operating economy.

We have pulled out the color palette for our many different technical hoses (including our series of rubber hoses). This creates a possibility for you to separate and color code the hoses in your production facility. For instance, for the purpose of differentiating between pasteurized and unpasteurized products, or different types of drink recipes at a brewery. 

NOTE: Regarding all Alfotech hoses, no matter the color or type, they all meet the high requirements of documentation and traceability. 

See the colors for Milkland hoses

Color coding for teflon and braided stainless steel bellows

The newest addition in color coding and separation is that we also deliver both teflon hoses and braided stainless steel bellows, where both types are protected by a layer of color coded rubber. 

These layers of protection are manufactured using EPDM rubber and we carry them in the color selection of white, red, green, gray, and black












Note: Other colors are also a possibility for you. Contact us for more information. 

In addition to color coding our hoses, the rubber layer also protects the hoses from wear and tear and helps insulate the product.  

It is possible to color code and combine the many various fittings we have in our selection, no matter if you are using a regular teflon hose with braiding, a bellow or a hose version for ATEX areas

See our teflon hoses with braiding

Will color coding help optimize your production?

If you would like to know more about our color coded hoses at Alfotech, we are always ready to help you with a tailored solution that optimizes and creates maximum value for your specific production facility. We are happy to guide you to the exact hose that will improve your production and operating costs as well as reduce possible production halts and damages to staff and equipment. 

Contact us for a free consultation where we can guide you to the best hose solution for your needs. 

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