The Hose Selection Guide: The Paper Trail

07 December 2023

Did you know that all parts of the documentation on an industrial hose play a crucial role in ensuring its quality and safety? Have you ever thought about the importance of for example batch numbers on hose couplings and pressure test certificates?

In this fifth and final edition of The Hose Selection Guide, we focus on an often overlooked but very important area - documentation on industrial hoses.

Get the full overview of the most important types of documentation, why they are so important for players in the process industry, and a revisit to our Peter's Week video series on traceability.

Let's get started!

Why these 3 types of documentation are important📝

Mand med PC og kvinde laver inspektion

The 3 main types of documentation and their importance:

  • Batch numbers on hose couplings: These numbers are very important and make it possible to trace the hose back to its original production. This is crucial for identifying any manufacturing defects. Without a batch number, it would be almost impossible to trace a defective hose back to its source.
  • Pressure test certificates: After final assembly, the hose is pressure tested to ensure it can withstand the pressure conditions it will be subjected to in the real world. The pressure test certificate proves that the hose is pressure tested and therefore safe to use.
  • Markings: Hoses can be marked with important information, such as specifications, instructions for use, and affiliation, according to the customer's wishes. This helps to ensure that they are used correctly and safely.

Slangekobling med mærkning

In the image above, the marking on the hose coupling indicates pressure tested to 15 bar (P15), fitted week 48 in 2023, hose no. 1.

These types of documentation are essential to not only ensure the quality of the hoses but also to protect those who use them. In other words, without this documentation, maintaining safety standards and quality control would be significantly more challenging.

Peter's Week: How we trace products🎬

Did you catch the latest episode of our video series Peter's Week, where our Warehouse Manager talks more about traceability in our products?

Among other things, Peter discusses how the batch number on a hose coupling can help us with supply chain overview and quality assurance.

We hope you learned more🤓

With the documentation in place, we've reached the end of The Hose Selection Guide. We've tried to cover everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the best industrial hose for your application. And yes - there are many things to keep in mind. We hope you got something out of following along!

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And remember...

If you are in doubt about anything, you are always welcome to contact our sales consultants, who know all about choosing the right industrial hose for any production purpose. They are available by phone +45 7020 0422 and will of course also answer your email via inquiry@alfotech.eu.

Happy hose hunting!

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