Supply capability is crucial nowadays

16 November 2021

The crisis in the world's distribution chains is being felt everywhere today, and this also applies to our customers as well as our own business. In many industries, however, supply capability is crucial in terms of "keeping the wheels in motion", especially in the production of food and medicine. Products in those categories are important for consumers, and that is precisely why many of our customers focus on using the right suppliers of equipment for their production facilities, which should preferably not stand still.

New batch of ISAR WATER in stock

Like many other suppliers, we have also been challenged by issues in our own distribution chain. However, we continuously focus on maintaining our inventory with the products that we know our customers typically demand. For example, we have just received a new large batch of thousands of meters of ISAR WATER hot water hoses.

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Urgent assistance with new hoses for large Danish brewery 

It was during one of his daily customer visits that one of our technical consultants was recently contacted by one of Denmark's largest breweries. Their hose at the production plant had burst during the CIP cleaning process, which involves passing lye solution at high temperature - fortunately no one was injured during the accident. We quickly processed the customer order and within a single day we delivered new CIP hoses with crimp hose couplings, which are based on our inhouse-developed InterLock system.

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