News from Alfotech: Food-grade silicone cover on PTFE hoses

News from Alfotech: Food-grade silicone cover on PTFE hoses

Product insights

We have upgraded the quality of teflon hoses with stainless steel braid and silicone cover, now making the outside approved for contact with food as well. The PTFE hoses with stainless steel braid and silicone cover have always been a hygienic solution with an inside that is smooth and made of FDA-approved material - and which is also easy to clean on the outside.

Check out our PTFE hose with braid and silicone

Teflon hose with stainless steel braid and silicone cover

A little less high-tech

If you do not need the advanced version, but instead want something that is less “high tech”, we of course also have other alternatives among our wide range of stocked teflon hoses. We offer everything from the uncovered teflon hose to teflon with stainless steel and our “high tech” solution with stainless steel and silicone cover.

What makes teflon hoses especially suitable for food and medicinal production is their ability to not only withstand high pressure under high temperatures, but also chemical influences. In addition, our teflon hoses can withstand continuous operation in temperatures from -73 ° C to + 260 ° C, and are thus suitable for various operating environments.

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Colored teflon hoses

Save energy: Use teflon hoses for pneumatics

Did you know that Teflon hoses used on pneumatic installations significantly help to reduce energy consumption and production stops?

The reason is that the hoses neither become porous and stiff after intensive cleaning with chemicals, nor degrade due to temperature influences. This means that the working pressure can be maintained and ensures that valves operate correctly. In addition, production stops can be avoided when hoses break. As energy prices rise, greater economic gains can be made by ensuring that one's compressed air installations stay tight.

Read how CO-RO uses teflon hoses for pneumatics

35 years of experience make us good advisors

Whether you are looking for teflon hoses or one of our many other solutions, we are always ready to help you achieve the best result. With more than 35 years of experience in the process industry, we have the necessary “know-how” to find the optimal solution that meets your requirements and specifications. Besides focusing on your wishes, we also comply with industry standards and ensure the necessary documentation is in place. On that basis, you can rest assure that you are using food grade spare parts and components in your production.

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