Improve the production process with silicone

Improve the production process with silicone

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Did you know that silicone can help improve the production process?

Today, when choosing technical components to improve the operational efficiency, production reliability and durability of a process plant, silicone often comes into play. This is because the material is resistant to many different types of media and opens up countless new applications, almost regardless of the type of production.

In this article, we focus on silicone, its beneficial properties and some of our most popular products that use it.

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What is silicone?

Silicone is a highly versatile, heat-resistant, and flexible material created from silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. This unique combination of elements results in a material with superior durability, heat resistance and flexibility, making it a popular choice for various applications across the process industry, particularly in the production of food and medicine.

Silicone in the periodic table
Silicone hose on keg

Key advantages of silicone

Silicone has some very advantageous properties that, when combined together, are rarely found in other materials:

  • Wide applicability due to its chemical inertness - does not react with most chemicals and retains its properties over time
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures ensures performance under pressure
  • High flexibility allows integrity to be maintained even in high stress scenarios

Products in which silicone makes a difference

Silicone gasket
PharmaForce C hose

At Alfotech you will find several products that utilize the properties of silicone:

  • Silicone gaskets
    Our silicone gaskets have been developed to deliver superior performance in various industrial applications, for example for Clamp for dairy pipe unions and butterfly valves. They offer high thermal stability, high flexibility, and excellent chemical resistance. Whether you are working in high-pressure environments or dealing with aggressive chemical substances, these gaskets are incredibly reliable.
  • Silicone hoses
    Our food-grade silicone hoses, which are non-toxic and tasteless, can withstand both high and low temperatures. The Clearway series hoses are particularly suitable for the production of high alcohol beverages.
  • PharmaForce C with silicone cover
    The silicone cover on our PharmaForce C Teflon hose with stainless steel braid provides increased protection against external damage while maintaining the flexibility of the hose. In addition, because dirt cannot get stuck in the braid, the hose is easy to clean and at the same time highly suitable for production environments with high hygiene requirements.

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