The kings of pharmaceutical hoses - bestsellers of 2021

01 February 2022

Within the pharmaceutical industry, special rules and requirements apply with regards to specifications on hoses and their ability to transport cosmetic and medical products – more specifically, without any distaste or contamination on the medium. In other words, choosing the right hoses for pharmaceutical production is crucial to maintain a high production safety, not only for the sake of consumers, but also for the employees at the production plant.

We take a closer look at our bestsellers for 2021.

Dynamic series for antistatic environments

Hoses from our Dynamic series are both reinforced with spiral and several layers of polyester. The popular standard version Dynamic is a very good flexible universal hose, which fits in well in different production environments, where high temperatures and dynamic loads come into play. If there is a strong focus on avoiding static electricity, for example in connection with the production of pharmaceutical powder, then the Dynamic Antistatic hose will be the right choice. Dynamic Antistatic is also used in the food industry, for example for milk powder.

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Dynamic slanger

Clearway for high alcohol percentages and temperatures

One of Alfotech's most popular tubes for pharmaceutical production is Clearway, which comes in both a D and SD version. Regardless of version, Clearway as a silicone hose is particularly suitable for productions where the medium contains a high alcohol content and / or where high temperatures are used. For example, production of hand alcohol. The SD version differs by a built-in stainless steel spiral, which makes it very useful for process applications where a high vacuum pressure is used.

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Clearway Platinum slange

Both hoses in the Clearway series naturally comply with the most common standards in the production of food and medicine, including e.g. FDA, US Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia.

PharmaForce C for very special needs

At extreme temperatures in the range -73°C to + 260°C under high pressure, the Teflon hose PharmaForce C is very suitable. Corrugated with stainless steel braid and fully vulcanized silicone, it is ideal for production environments with very high demands on hygiene and chemical resistance. With the silicone cover, you also avoid deposits of media, and therefore it is easy to clean. PharmaForce C is both FDA and ISO 9001: 2015 approved and complies with e.g. US Pharmacopeia USP Class VI and the RoHS Directive.

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PharmaForce C slange

Do you have very special needs and require assembly? No problem - we are experts in tailor-made solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Also remember that the hoses we have highlighted above can be ordered online via our webshop. We deliver within 2-3 days.

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