IBEX mechanical seal


Mechanical seal for IBEX pumps.


  • Mechanical seal with wave spring
  • The rotating part is held on shaft with three screws
  • The seat is equipped with O-ring holding it in position
  • Provided with an O-ring that acts as secondary seal around the shaft
  • Is not directional
  • The compression spring is external


  • Spring in stainless steel
  • Gaskets in either nitrile or EPDM
  • The slide ring is in stainless steel or TC
  • The seat is made of carbon or TC 
Item number Shaft dia.
Rotating part
Stationary part
Base unit Quantity
03452800241E 24,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800241V 24,0 Stainless Kul Viton PCS
03452800281E 28,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800281N 28,0 Stainless Kul NBR PCS
03452800289E 28,0 Tc Tc EPDM PCS
03452800289N 28,0 Tc Tc NBR PCS
03452800301E 30,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800301N 30,0 Stainless Kul NBR PCS
03452800301V 30,0 Kul Rustfri Viton PCS
03452800307E 30,0 Sic Sic EPDM PCS
03452800309E 30,0 Tc Tc EPDM PCS
03452800309N 30,0 Tc Tc NBR PCS
03452800321E 32,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800351E 35,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800351N 35,0 Stainless Kul NBR PCS
03452800355E 35,0 Kul Sic EPDM PCS
03452800357V 35,0 Sic Sic Viton PCS
03452800359E 35,0 Tc Tc EPDM PCS
03452800359N 35,0 Tc Tc NBR PCS
03452800359V 35,0 TC TC Viton PCS
03452800381E 38,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800381N 38,0 Stainless Kul NBR PCS
03452800389E 38,0 Tc Tc EPDM PCS
03452800389N 38,0 Tc Tc NBR PCS
03452800501E 50,0 Stainless Kul EPDM PCS
03452800501N 50,0 Stainless Kul NBR PCS
03452800507E 50,0 Sic Sic EPDM PCS
03452800509E 50,0 Tc Tc EPDM PCS
03452800509N 50,0 Tc Tc NBR PCS
03452800511N 50,8 Kul Rustfri Nitril PCS
03452800519E 50,8 TC TC EPDM PCS
03452800551V 55,0 Kul Rustfri Viton PCS
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