Are you aware of the hidden savings secret?

Are you aware of the hidden savings secret?

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Energy costs a lot of money - including compressed air

In the process industry, compressed air is used for the control of many functions: amongst others for valves and pistons. Compressed air is expensive to produce. For this reason, your company can save a lot of money by reducing leaks.

Hoses, which provide process equipment with compressed air, are exposed to many elements: mechanical, high temperature, and chemical exposures from various cleaning materials. All of these aid in the gradual breakdown of the hoses and thereby create leaks. In the worst-case scenario, it can lead to production halts if a valve does not open correctly or a piston does not have enough power to fulfill its purpose.   

Here at Alfotech, we have a thorough solution for exactly these types of problems. For years we have delivered pneumatic Teflon hoses, of course, industry-approved, that can be delivered in a multitude of colors. Our Teflon hoses are both resilient to most chemical exposure and tolerate high-temperature degrees, but they are also calibrated, so they fit perfectly to Push-In or Push-On fittings. 

See our Teflon hoses

CO-RO Foods is one of our many customers who, since they started using Alfotech Teflon hoses in their production facility, have reduced their compressed air expenses significantly.


“The Teflon hoses are chemical resistant and can withstand our cleaning procedures. They cost us slightly more to purchase, but their durability leads to a quick return for the money" 

Rudi Hein, Maintenance Assistant, Tech at CO-RO A/S

Read our case with CO-RO Foods

Push-in fittings in stainless steel and POM

The reduction of leaks is also dependent on the quality of the fittings your company uses. Alfotech has carefully selected Push-In fittings that are tailormade for use within the process industry. 

Fittings and hoses in different colors and materials

We have selected a series of fittings manufactured with acid-resistant stainless steel and equipped with Viton gaskets, which are far more resilient to both high temperatures and chemical exposure. At the same time, they are mechanically strong and capable of withstanding the many exposures in production for a much longer time. This leads to extended longevity and a significant reduction in leaks. 


Another solution is our series of fittings manufactured with the food-approved material POM which has optimal mechanical abilities for use in the process industry. They are available with EPDM gaskets.

POM fittings are a cheaper solution compared to stainless steel fittings. They can easily be used for improving production installations that have food-approved plastic or brass fittings installed, as these often break or wear down with the result of leaking. 

See our stainless steel push-in fittings
See our POM Push-In fittings

Do you have large expenses for compressed air?

Would you like to know more about our solutions for the reduction of leaks in compressed air production? We are always available to custom design a solution that both optimizes your operation and maximizes your savings and reduces potential production halts in your company. Contact Alfotech for a free consultation where we can guide you to the best possible solution for you. 

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