Supplier to the brewing industry

As one of the leading suppliers to the brewing industry, we understand the importance of providing reliable and durable solutions. The brewing industry demands precision, hygiene and efficiency at every step of the production process.

At Alfotech, we offer materials and solutions that meet the demands of the industry while ensuring optimal product quality.

We have a wide range of products designed to improve the efficiency of brewery production, from our robust and hygienic hoses to our fittings and valves.

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Hoses for breweries

Our range of hoses for breweries is versatile and covers hoses with different properties and benefits, such as flexibility and alcohol resistance.

The Unifood Flexperform, Beverage Plus, Beverage CLC/10 and Liquorflex/SD hoses each have unique properties that make them ideal for different applications within the brewing industry.

LiquorFlex is specially designed with a UPE liner and built-in copper wire, making it ideal for transporting ethanol, the main ingredient in many alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits.

With an inner bromobutyl rubber surface, the hoses are ideal for transporting products such as beer and other sugary soft drinks, as bromobutyl offers high temperature, ozone and environmental resistance properties.

They can handle both high and low temperatures, resist chemicals and handle different pressure levels, making them essential for any brewery production.

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Beer, wine, liquor and beverage hoses

The importance of hygiene in brewery production

Hygiene plays an essential role in the brewing industry, directly affecting product quality and consumer health.

Inadequate cleaning can result in contamination of brewery products, which can lead to harmful health consequences and severely compromise the taste and quality of the product.

To ensure the highest level of hygiene, it is necessary to comply with specific regulatory standards and guidelines. These include requirements for cleaning, equipment disinfection and proper waste management.

Get your cleaning under control with the right equipment from Alfotech. We can supply everything from hoses and spray guns to nozzles and spray balls.


CIP (Cleaning in Place)

In modern brewery production, CIP (Cleaning in Place) is an integrated process that aims to optimize the cleaning process.

CIP cleaning is based on the principle of using both chemical and mechanical methods to remove contamination from equipment without having to dismantle it. This ensures a thorough, consistent cleaning that effectively removes both visible and microscopic contaminants.

We recommend the use of Alichem series chemical hoses for CIP cleaning. These hoses have a smooth EPDM inner surface and are extremely durable. The Alichem range includes the Alichem/SPL and HOT Alichem/BN-S models, which are synonymous with durability and reliability during CIP cleaning.


Customer story: Help after accident in large Danish brewery

In a world of supply chain challenges and delivery disruptions, on-time delivery is crucial, especially in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This became evident when one of Denmark's largest breweries faced an emergency situation.

During the CIP cleaning process, an important hose burst at the production facility. Our technical consultant was contacted and within a single day we delivered new CIP hoses with our proprietary InterLock press couplings.

Our fast and efficient solution helped restore production safely and quickly, and underlines our commitment to maintaining our customers' production despite unforeseen challenges.


Sampling equipment and valves for handling beer and wine production

To ensure optimal quality in the final end product, proper sampling and valve control is essential.

Explore our range and find the right sampling valves and butterfly valves for your needs.

Sampling: During fermentation, a number of chemical and biological changes occur in the beverage. Being able to take samples at different points in this process is essential to ensure product quality, taste and safety.

By analyzing these samples, producers can identify any irregularities and make adjustments in real-time.

Valves: Ensuring the proper transfer, storage and bottling of beer and wine requires a well-adapted valve control system. Without the right valves, producers risk overpressure, leaks or even contamination.

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Intuitive online hose configurator

Recognizing that every brewery has unique requirements and needs, we have developed an intuitive online hose configurator that allows you to design tailor-made hose solutions.

You can choose from our wide range of hoses and couplings and tailor them to your specific needs.

The hose configurator also saves you valuable time and resources as you can make an inquiry in our system with just a few clicks.

See the different steps and how it works in our video guide "How to use the hose configurator".