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Supplier for the pharmaceutical industry

Alfotech is a supplier of pharmaceutical hoses, aseptic couplings and fittings to the pharmaceutical industry. This requires a high level of knowledge and expertise in the production of hoses and fittings, as well as knowledge of the specific requirements and standards that apply within pharma. 

Safety and hygiene are two key elements in the handling of pharmaceutical products, and it is essential for us to be able to guarantee that our products meet the high standards of hygiene and safety. This involves extensive quality control to ensure that our products meet the required standards and specifications.  

Quality control covers a wide range of activities, including quality testing and inspection of incoming goods, surface roughness measurement and pressure testing.

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Hygienic silicone tubing for transport of pharmaceutical products

Silicone hoses can contribute to the hygienic transport of pharmaceutical products due to its special properties and production processes that make it suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Alfotech supplies silicone hoses that is produced in cleanrooms to avoid contamination and ensure high quality. Cleanroom production is designed to minimize the number of particles and microorganisms in the air and on the surfaces. This ensures that hoses produced in cleanrooms is as clean and hygienic as possible, such as our Clearway/SD Platinum which is popular on filling machines and mixing units in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Smooth silicone tubing for use in peristaltic pumps, for example, can be supplied "double bagged", meaning that they are packed in two sterile bags. This is to ensure that the tubing remains clean and hygienic during transportation and storage until it is needed in production. When the tubing arrives at the customer, the outer bag can be removed without affecting the tubing in the inner bag. This helps to keep the hoses clean and hygienic and ensures that no unwanted particles or contaminants come into contact with the hoses.

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High resistance PFA hoses

PFA hoses is a type of hose used in various industrial applications such as chemical production, biotechnology and pharmaceutical production. PFA stands for perfluoroalkoxy, which refers to the inner-liner of the hose. PFA is a type of thermoplastic polymer that shares many of the same properties as PTFE. PFA is known for its high temperature and chemical resistance. 

PFA hoses are often preferred over other types of hoses because of their ability to withstand a wide range of aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and pressures. This makes them an ideal choice in pharmaceutical production where sterile media and solutions need to be transported without risk of contamination. They are resistant to high temperatures, which are an important factor in sterilising equipment and media. They are also known for having a smooth inner surface, which reduces friction and thus reduces the risk of accumulation of particles and bacteria in the hose.

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High-quality pharmaceutical PFA hoses

PTFE hoses suitable for pharmaceutical production

PTFE hoses are popular in pharmaceutical production due to their unique properties and benefits. PTFE is known for its chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and smooth surface.

We can supply hoses designed for the pharmaceutical industry, such as our PharmaForce C, which is a PTFE hose made from corrugated transparent natural PTFE protected by stainless steel braid and a silicone cover. Its smooth silicone cover makes cleaning easy and efficient and also acts as insulation, increasing safety and reducing the risk of damage.

At Alfotech we offer variants with good antistatic properties, such as our ChemForce ATEX, developed especially for the transportation of liquids where there are high demands on temperature, pressure or chemical exposure. We also offer variants with good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistance, suitable for high temperature applications up to +260°C or down to -73°C. This includes our FoodForce C and FoodForce S.

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Avoid cross-contamination with colour coding of pharmaceutical hoses

Colour coding of hoses and tubing plays an important role in pharma to ensure correct and safe handling of different substances and materials. The colour coding system is used to identify different types of hoses and tubing and their use in the production process. 

Colour coding of pharmaceutical hoses and tubing also helps to minimise the risk of contamination of ingredients and materials transported in them. It makes it easier for operators and technicians to identify the hose or tubing, so they can choose the correct hose or tubing for the task at hand and avoid mixing different materials. 

Contact our sales team for advice and guidance on how to optimise your production using colour-coded hoses.

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Aseptic fittings for sanitary production

Aseptic fittings are the ideal choice for sanitary production in the pharmaceutical industry. Typical surface roughness requirements for fittings used in medical production are <0.4µm. The low surface roughness ensures that bacteria and other microorganisms do not form on the surface. A smooth and even surface is typically achieved by electropolishing. 

Electropolishing is a technique used to smooth and polish the surface of stainless steel fittings. Electropolishing removes surface irregularities and impurities, resulting in a surface with very low roughness and high smoothness.  

At Alfotech, we electropolish fittings and coupling assemblies, including Aseptic Union Parts and Clamp Couplings (Tri-Clamp), to meet the industry's high surface roughness requirements for easy cleaning and sterilization. This minimises the risk of contamination of the pharmaceutical product.

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Documentation and standards

At Alfotech, we have the documentation for key standards and directives for products in the pharmaceutical industry, including the EU ATEX Directive, EU Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopeia (USP). These standards and directives have been developed to ensure that products comply with certain safety and quality standards and that they can be used safely and effectively in the pharmaceutical industry.

The EU ATEX (Atmosphères Explosibles) Directive sets standards for equipment to be used in areas with explosive atmospheres. At Alfotech we have special ATEX approved hoses that comply with the zone classifications.

EU Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) are standards for quality and safety of medical products and ingredients. We always ensure that our products meet these standards and are documented in a way that complies with EU and US requirements.

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