TW couplings: Safe handling and transportation of media

TW couplings are designed to provide a safe and tight connection between tank trucks and recipient tanks, which is essential for the safe transportation of hazardous or valuable materials and media.

Installation and removal: Step by step

TW couplings are asymmetrical couplings used for the transportation of liquids, solids and gases, with the exception of liquefied gas and steam. The couplings consist of a female coupling (MK) and a male coupling (VK), where the locking arm of the female coupling grips the edge of the male coupling. The locking arm is rotated until both halves are tightly compressed and then pressed downwards to prevent loosening, which can lead to disconnection.

The general steps for installation and removal can be boiled down to the following points:

Installation of TW couplings:

  1. Make sure coupling parts are clean and free from any dirt or contamination.
  2. Align the male and female couplings and push them together until the female coupling engages the edge of the male coupling.
  3. Turn the locking arm on the female coupling clockwise to secure the coupling in place.
  4. Check the coupling for any leaks by inspecting the sealing rings and connections.

Dismantling of TW couplings:

  1. Turn off the supply of liquid or gas to the coupling.
  2. Turn the locking lever on the female coupling counterclockwise to release the coupling.
  3. Pull the male and female couplings apart while holding the locking arm to prevent damage to the coupling.
  4. Inspect the couplings for any damage or wear before storing them.

Typical applications of TW tank truck couplings

The coupling is mainly intended for liquids, but is sometimes used for dry products and solids. TW couplings are used in a wide range of industries, including the food industry for the transportation of food products such as milk, oil and syrup. In addition, TW couplings are also widely used in installations in the chemical and petrochemical industry for the transportation of various chemicals, acids and bases, as well as oil products such as crude oil, petrol and diesel.

Benefits of using TW couplings

There are several advantages to using TW couplings, including:

Easy to use: TW couplings are easy to install and remove, allowing for quick and seamless transfers.

Durability: TW couplings are built to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, making them long-lasting.

Standardization: TW couplings are standardized across different manufacturers and countries, ensuring compatibility and reducing the risk of coupling failure or accidents.

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