User-friendly Storz couplings for the process industry

Storz couplings are named after the German inventor and engineer Carl August Guido Storz, who first patented the coupling design in Switzerland in 1890 and later in the US in 1893. Today, they are used primarily in the fire-fighting and process industries, in which they are used to connect industrial hoses or other devices to each other when working with gases or liquids. Storz couplings are particularly known for their ease of use, as they are quick and easy to connect and disconnect, regardless of function and application.

Construction and types

The Storz coupling is a hermaphrodite coupling which, instead of having a male and a female coupling, consists of two identical ends which can be connected to any other end of the same diameter. At Alfotech we sell Storz couplings in aluminium and stainless steel. Storz couplings are connected using a matching bracket with the same lug dimension, also known as the Ka distance measured in millimetres. The most common Ka-distances are 31 mm, 66 mm, 89 mm and 133 mm. However, many other sizes are also available. If the couplings have different sizes, coupling adapters can be used to go from one Ka distance to another, e.g. 89 mm to 66 mm.

Different types of Storz-couplings:

  • Storz-coupling with internal thread
    A Storz coupling with internal thread is typically used for fire hoses, PVC and other hoses, but also in the shipping, construction and industrial sectors.

  • Sviwel Storz-coupling:
    The Storz coupling with sviwel prevents twisting of hoses and pipes when connecting the coupling.

  • Fixed coupling:
    The fixed coupling is used for connection to fittings and is connected to a bracket on one side with a thread. A suction or pressure coupling can then be connected on the other side.

  • Coupling adapter and end cap:
    The coupling adaptor - also called the transition piece - makes it possible to connect different hose sizes or fixed connections to each other. The end cap protects the hose against corrosion and dirt.

Storz coupling benefits

  • Ease of use:
    One of the main benefits of Storz couplings is their ease of use. The locking rings can be easily fastened and released by hand, making it possible to connect and disconnect hoses and pipes quickly and easily. For this reason, they are very popular in the field of fire-fighting in particular, as well as various forms of watering and industrial processes.

  • Durability:
    Storz couplings are also very durable, as they are designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures and can handle a wide range of liquids and gases.

  • Versatile coupling:
    Storz couplings are also characterized by great versatility and can be used with a variety of hose and pipe sizes as well as the BSP connection type. On this basis, they can be used in a wide range of applications in the process industry.

Standards and gaskets

Storz couplings are manufactured according to specific standards, including DIN and ISO, depending on the application. On this basis, they are safe to use and meet all necessary safety and quality requirements. Typically used gaskets when connecting Storz couplings are made of NBR and silicone.

Maintenance and cleaning

Storz couplings require relatively little maintenance and are easy to clean. However, to ensure optimum performance and a long lifespan, it is recommended that they are inspected regularly and cleaned as required. It is also important to use appropriate cleaning agents depending on the type of liquid or gas being transported.

Several variants in stock

If you need Storz couplings, it is important to consult a professional supplier about your specific needs and the necessary certifications. At Alfotech, we have several variants in stock and are always available for a no-obligation chat and advice on which Storz solution would best suit your operating situation. We have years of experience in finding the right model for tankers, for example. Contact us by phone +45 7020 0422 or by e-mail