Cutting ring fittings with many options

Alfotech is the customer's quality-conscious knowledge centre within technical solutions for the process industry. We are quality-conscious experts when it comes to fittings, including cutting ring fittings for the food industry in particular. With a very wide range of cutting ring fittings, we know that it can be difficult for our customers to choose the right solution. However, we are always ready to help.

Alfotech advises and tailors solutions to the customer's needs

Alfotech is a knowledge centre that is known for its quality-assured products, qualified manufacturers and not least an extremely committed service. Therefore, it is important to us that our customers never hesitate to reach out and ask for our expertise and advice when they are in doubt or just need inspiration. We have a trusting bond with our customers. In addition, we enjoy being able to spar with our customers and thus continue our constant development, so that both our range of products and expertise keep in pace with the needs of the times.

We prioritize service and advice as a large part of our working day, which is why the customer always has the opportunity to get help with their specific challenge. We always think innovatively with optimization in mind, making sure that both we and the customer get the most out of the deal. For many years, we have built up strong networks in both the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. For that reason, we have the opportunity to constantly keep our finger on the pulse in the industries and we constantly develop our competencies and product portfolio accordingly.

As a knowledge centre within technical solutions for the process industry, we always prioritize the customer's needs the most. Despite our huge product selection, we have developed specially designed solutions for our customers in many cases, providing them with greater efficiency in comparison to other standard products. We do not give up until the right solution has been worked out, and we are constantly passionate about becoming wiser about all the opportunities within the process industry.

Cutting ring fittings for water, oil, air, and chemical products

At Alfotech, we offer cutting ring fittings which can be used in countless ways, for example for water, air, oil, and chemical products. This means that we sell to the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. All our cutting ring fittings are made of stainless steel, so the flowing material does not affect the quality. In addition to cutting ring fittings, we sell adapters with different threads, angles of 90 degrees, T-types, cutting rings, and support bushings.

Cutting ring fittings with large pressure tolerances

Our cutting ring fittings all have a working pressure of up to 250 bar depending on the size. In addition, they are useful in situations with large temperature variations involved and can be used in temeprature environments spanning from -60°C and up to +400°C. Our vast assortment of cutting ring fittings cover productions within medicine, food or chemistry. Furthermore, we can are always ready to advise you on special solutions, if our standard product does not fit your requirements exactly. 

Get an overview of the many cutting ring fittings in Alfotech's data sheet

Our cutting ring fittings come with several possible threads and in a myriad of dimensions and sizes. Therefore, we have gathered all information about the respective products in our data sheet. For each individual product, you have the opportunity to freely download our data sheet, which contains all the information you may need. As a customer you can therefore always be certain about which products best fit your needs and your production in a manageable way. 

Cutting ring fittings with transparency

When we create specially designed solutions in cooperation with our customers, we always ensure that they are adapted to the individual production and associated legal requirements. That way, you never have to worry about whether our standard products or tailored products comply with the legal framework of your production - Alfotech always makes sure to stay up to date. In addition, you will always receive the necessary documents and any certificates when you have purchased from Alfotech. You always get full traceability and an overview of our products.

Find the right solution for you with our competent advisors

With our large assortment of cutting ring fittings, it may be difficult for customers to decide which products to order. Therefore, we are always ready to advise about cutting ring fittings and any new solutions, so you get exactly the product you need to make your production even more efficient.