Alfotech supplies threaded fittings in all shapes and sizes

Alfotech is the customer's quality-conscious knowledge-centre within technical solutions for the process industry, and we are quality-conscious experts in areas such as threaded fittings, especially threaded fittings for the food industry. With such a wide range of threaded fittings, we are aware that it can be difficult to choose when ordering the new fittings.

Service, advice, and tailor-made solutions

Alfotech is known for its quality-assured products, quality-conscious manufacturers and not least a service of the highest level. That is why it is important for us that our customers never hesitate to reach out and ask for our expertise and advice, as this contributes to strengthening our company's DNA.

We prioritize service and consulting as a large part of our working day, which is why the customer always has the opportunity to get help for his particular challenge. We always think innovatively and optimizing so that both we and customer get the most out of a given product.

As a knowledge centre within technical solutions, which always gives the customer's need highest priority, we have despite our wide range, in many cases developed specially designed solutions for our customers, as we have seen an opportunity to become more efficient than with a standard product. We do not give up until the right solution has been worked out, and we are always passionate about becoming wiser about the opportunities in the process industry.

Threaded fittings for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries

At Alfotech, you find threaded fittings of the highest quality, and you also find a carefully selected range based on our extensive experience with customers in both pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. Therefore, for many years we have been able to see which treaded fittings are needed in the process industry, and we are also constantly working to incorporate new threaded fittings that can contribute to even more efficient solutions in both the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.

Carefully selected threaded fittings

Alfotech has many loyal customers in the food industry who are also regular costumers of our range of threaded fittings. In this connection, we as a company are always aware of our responsibility for products to be delivered to the food industry. We always stay updated on the latest legislation within the handling and manufacture of products for the food industry. We always make sure to have the most hygienic threaded fittings that are easy to clean and made of a material that is durable, even if it comes into contact with various liquids during a day. 

When creating specially designed solutions in cooperation with our customers, we also ensure that they are adapted to their production as well as associated legal requirements. So, you never have to worry about whether our standard products or our tailored products are dedicated to your production - Alfotech always makes sure to keep up to date. In addition, you will always receive the necessary documents and certificates when you have purchased from Alfotech. This means that there is always full traceability on our products.

Threaded fittings with many options

Our wide range of threaded fittings means that there is something for every customer's taste and need. All our fittings are made of stainless steel AISI 316. Our nipple pipes and welding nipples can be used for pressure stages up to 40 bar, while the rest of our fittings can be used in a pressure stage up to10 bar. 

Our range includes pipes, T-pieces, angles, sleeves, crosses, seals, hexagon nipples, and nipple sleeves. In addition, you will also find accessories such as pipe holders with or without bracket (Allen screws), and end bottoms. 

Get an overview of the many threaded fittings in Alfotech's data sheet

Our threaded fittings come in a myriad of dimensions and sizes, which we have gathered all the information about in our datasheet. For each individual product, you can freely download our datasheet, which contains all the information you may need. This means that you as a customer always have an overview of which products best fit your needs and in your production.

Find the right solution for you with our competent advisors

With our large number and variations of threaded fittings it may be difficult for customers to decide which one to order. Therefore, Alfotech is always ready to advise about threaded fittings and any new solutions so you get exactly the product you need to make your production even more efficient.